Rohan Janardhanan

Managing Partner

Rohan, as the Managing Partner at Rex Legalis, brings extensive legal expertise as well as a deep understanding of the complexities of international law and business. His multi-jurisdictional experience in Dubai and India positions him as a seasoned legal practitioner with a unique perspective on the legal challenges faced by organizations operating across borders.

Rohan’s specialisation in Maritime law, encompassing both wet and dry work, is complemented by his proficiency in criminal and forensic aspects of law. This comprehensive knowledge enables him to provide holistic legal solutions to clients in the maritime industry, addressing all the legal intricacies and the potential criminal implications.

With over a decade of experience handling cross-border transactions between GCC countries and the Asian subcontinent, Rohan has developed a nuanced understanding of the regulatory frameworks, cultural nuances, and business practices that impact international organizations. This expertise is particularly valuable when advising clients on matters such as setting up entities, structuring transactions, and ensuring compliance in the UAE and India.

Rohan’s involvement with Shipping Companies (NVOCCs) and his advisory role with ship owners and P&I Clubs showcase his hands-on approach to addressing the diverse challenges in the shipping industry. His ability to navigate complex commercial shipping litigation, logistics, and ownership matters underscores his commitment to protecting clients’ interests.

In India, Rohan is not only a legal advocate but also a trusted advisor, regularly appearing before the NCLT and NCLAT. His counsel extends to customs matters involving sanctioned cargo, mis-declared cargo, seized vessels, and DRI proceedings. This demonstrates his comprehensive knowledge of the Indian legal landscape.

Rohan’s proficiency in complex international transactions, including ship financing, vessel acquisition, and corporate incorporation in the UAE and India, adds tremendous value to Rex Legalis’ services. By overseeing offices in both Mumbai and Dubai, he ensures that clients receive a broad range of legal solutions tailored to their unique needs, further solidifying his reputation as a distinguished legal professional in the international legal arena.

Sanjana Muttath


Sanjana brings wide experience in marine claims, logistic claims, customs, and CESTAT. She is engaged in a wide range of litigation practice across various Law Tribunal, District Courts, Sessions Court, and the High Court of Bombay.

She assisted counsel in significant matters, one of the highlights being working on a maritime claim at the Bombay High Court and security disputes against SEBI.

NCLT, SEBI, Customs Mumbai and Kolkata, Consumer Court, City Civil Court, Sessions Court, Metropolitan Magistrates Court, Family Courts in Mumbai and Vizag, Labour Court, and the Bombay High Court are the tribunals that Sanjana has actively participated in.

She has assisted in the research for an ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) arbitration between Paris and India.

Sanjana completed her B.L.S. LLB from Mumbai University.

Pratha Kotecha


Pratha is a versatile legal professional with a breadth of experience spanning corporate and commercial law, as well as criminal litigation drafting. Armed with a Master’s degree in Corporate and Commercial Law, Pratha brings a formidable skill set to our esteemed firm.

Furthermore, she also holds a diploma in advanced contract drafting, negotiation and dispute resolution underscoring her commitment to honing her skills and staying updated of industry best practices. This additional qualification equips her with the tools necessary to navigate complex contractual arrangements with finesse and precision. With an unwavering commitment to precision and excellence, Pratha specialises in the meticulous management of legal documents. Her adeptness in drafting, vetting, and settlement procedures ensures that every document produced under her purview meets the most exacting standards of quality and compliance. Her meticulous attention to detail coupled with a keen understanding of legal intricacies ensures that our clients receive nothing short of exemplary service.

Pratha’s academic journey reflects her dedication to legal scholarship. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Laws (Honors) from the esteemed University of Mumbai Law Academy, laying a strong foundation for her legal career. Furthering her academic pursuits, she pursued a Master of Laws from Amity University, enriching her expertise in corporate and commercial law.

C. J. Doveson

Senior Associate

Doveson appears as counsel for ONGC and also regularly sits for arbitration. He is regularly instructed by PSU – semi-government bodies. He has successfully contested various lawsuits and has expertise in Criminal Law. He has a rich experience in drafting, conveyancing and client counselling.

He regularly appears to write petitions against the state and central government as instructed by the clients. He teaches corporate laws, business laws, industrial laws and professional ethics at Gurukul College of Commerce, Mumbai, India.

Doveson has an LL.B. degree from the University of Mumbai. He also independently advises on many matters outside Rex Legalis.

Yadunath B. Karimbil


Yadunath has over 20 years of experience in shipping, banking and corporate matters. He is a graduate of the Government Law College, Mumbai and the University of Connecticut School of Law; having qualified in India and the United States, Yadunath is actively involved in both litigation and transactional practice in India.

His past experience on the transactional side pans across various sectors and companies to include legal advice to companies operating in the insurance, re-insurance, shipping and mines and minerals space. Yadunath is currently advising government departments on issues of national commercial interest and has advised the Government of Maharashtra on public private partnerships in the Ports sector.

On the litigation side, he is currently conducting as a lead counsel in various arbitrations, High Courts and District Courts across India. He also appears in the Supreme Court of India.

P. Janardhanan

Founding Partner

P. Janardhanan, founding partner at Rex Legalis, has more than 40 years of diverse experience in law and a thorough understanding of the legal, governmental and commercial aspects of judicial transactions. He has extensive experience in handling key corporate, commercial and civil cases relating to criminal, civil and property litigation. He was the Additional Advocate General of Maharashtra for a period of four years, from 2002-2006. As a representative of the Maharashtra Government, he has appeared in courts all over India.

Mr. Janardhanan’s clients include the government of Maharashtra, the Government of India, FERA which is now known as FEMA, Indian Customs, Central Excise and Vigilance.

Mr Janardhanan has represented the Government of Maharashtra in investigating multi-crore scams including investigation and advising a private bank with contentious criminal matters, a multi-crore scam unearthed in the BEST, Maharashtra Power, arrest of pirate vessels caught on the coasts of India for piracy, fraud committed in Union Bank of India, Fraud committed in South Indian Cooperative Bank, sensitive case of Uday Mohanlal Acharya who convicted for defrauding public money to the value of 600 CRORES.

He is also appointed as special counsel to advise the Government of Maharashtra to advise them on matters about criminal litigation, tax implication and educational bills and their amendments.